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Little Girl in a Tutu

This girl.

This little girl who gazes at me with her beautiful big eyes full of life.

This little girl who, in her purple tutu and pink barrettes, says me, “ohh, you’re so fancy.”

This little girl who doesn’t yet know that she will grow up in a world where standards of beauty will be imposed on her without her ever realizing it.

She doesn’t know that one day they will tell her she is too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat, almost beautiful, or too beautiful, never perfect. Perhaps, unconsciously, she will be the one to judge; it will be she who looks down her nose at those who haven’t conformed to the ideals chosen by society. Conditioned to limit her vision to a standard which shifts according to the times, styles, regions, culture and communities…

I see myself in her. I am her. This little girl who stands before me, unwittingly inspiring.

When I decided to launch this blog, it was because I felt the need to share the experiences which I encountered on this long road to self-acceptance; I want to spark the light that lays dormant in all of us, just waiting to be rekindled in order to shine brightly.

This little girl is me… she’s you… she’s us!

Like a Phoenix that rises from the ashes, today I can call myself a model ! And I wear a tutu, but this time it’s white!

What about you, what color was your tutu?

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