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Three Sisters

Here is my world.

We are three. Three sisters. Three women.

Three women so different from one another.

And yet.

For the longest time, we had many things in common:

Our insecurities, our complexes, our lack of self-confidence.

One who thinks she is too thin, the other too fat.

One finds her breasts too small, should she go under the knife?

The other sees love handles, stretch marks, so she runs and hides.

We always looked at each other with envy.

It even led one of us to become ill…

Same background, same opportunities, same environment.

Despite this, it was impossible to see our own beauty, our own value.

We compare ourselves without ever being satisfied with who we are, but we forget that the same woman we are comparing ourselves to is looking at us with similar envy.

Today, all three of us are stronger, thanks to each other.

Thank you, dear sisters, for reminding me that the inner beauty that shines through your eyes is the only one that truly counts, all the rest is fleeting.

Every day, I accept myself a little bit more, one square inch at a time.

I shout it loud and proud for all to hear, I’m perfect as I am !

What about you, my dear? Who did you want to look like when you were younger?

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