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Bare Naked!

The holiday season has come and gone, and with it, so have the resolutions!

I tried to slide into my favorite pair of jeans that I hadn’t worn in several weeks. Okay…. Well I guess I must have put them in the dryer. Of course! That’s the reason they don’t fit anymore! There you go!

I mean, it’s not the end of the world, right? You’re still sexy and beautiful, I tell myself.

I try on another pair of pants that I know will flatter me just right. But what is this? A new fat roll? I wasn’t aware of this one! Where did it come from?! Oh yes…. That amazing cabrit (goat meat) that my sister made and I devoured over the holidays and whose leftovers I indulged in for at least week…. Uggghhhh.

I should have joined a GYM like everyone else, and just stop complaining!

Discipline. I’m going to start exercising again. Come on, let’s go, get a grip, yoga, yoga, yoga!

But… I don’t feel like it… Come on, girl. Hustle, take control of yourself and stop complaining.

And at that moment, alone in my room, I undressed myself in front of my mirror. I looked at myself slowly from my head to my toes. Over the years, I’ve gained weight, I’ve lost some, and I’ve put more back on. My body has transformed and gravity has taken a toll.

It’s easy for me to find the flaws in this body of mine. Too easy.

But this time, I refuse to subject myself to self-abuse. It’s not perfect? In whose opinion, I ask?!? Look at yourself, without IG or Snapchat filters—which camouflage reality and only alter what is already perfect. Look at yourself without trying to find the right angle of the perfect light to gloss over the imperfections that are only visible to you.

The goal is not to love everything that I see, but rather to appreciate it as a whole, discovering—or rather rediscovering—the parts of my body that are too often neglected (I never realized that exposed shoulders could be just as sexy as a showing off cleavage, which is my go-to since I have so much of it, haha!)

So you, reading these words, I challenge you: Undress yourself, and I mean get completely naked. Look at yourself, admire your body in all its splendor! Look at this precious vessel you are trying to hide and reveal “you” to yourself. Appreciate and say it loud: I’m beautiful ! Because you are. Believe me, you are.

All that being said, I did start exercising again, this time I’m doing Pilates for a change. Physical activity is very important to attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and bla bla bla LOL.

This body is mine, and I have to take care of it.

My body is perfect and I’ll always be beach body ready.

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