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About Me

When I became a model, specifically a plus-size model, I became aware of a deep level of discomfort among women. As I’ve been pursuing this career, women have been reaching out to me not only to encourage and congratulate me for my accomplishments, but to ask for my advice on how to improve their self-esteem and to share their experiences, their difficult journeys.


I can’t pretend to know the answers to all of their questions, but I do understand that they need guidance, just like I once needed it. As much as they draw inspiration from my own success, their stories also are my driving force to continue to move forward and break the mold of the perfect body dictated to us by society. This blog intends to be a forum through which I can share my personal experiences, but also to give a voice to all of those who need encouragement on their own journey to self-acceptance.

We’ll make it together, one post at a time!

* Represented by Folio Montreal.

Pascale Lavache
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